From the moment we are born and taken home with our families, our kitchen becomes the central heartbeat of family life. 

It’s where meals are prepared, and bottles are warmed. People sit around our kitchen table; they laugh, they cry, they plot and they plan. Homework is completed, paint is splattered, wine spilt, songs are sung, candles are burned, tantrums, arguments and debates play out. 

The kitchen table is where we share our meals, we talk to our children, catch up with family and friends and memories are created.

Memories in which sound, smell, taste and touch are all wrapped up in one enriching sensory experience. The background music which played or the late night disco that happened afterwards, the smell of the roast dinner, the hugs and the greetings. The memories of being together, warm and cosy around the table on a cold winter’s night, or the happiness summer brings when we move our table outdoors to enjoy the scents of a BBQ on a warm summer’s night. There is no place more important in your home than your kitchen, and your kitchen table.

Over time I have been observing the dynamics of family homes, how they work and how each one is different in its own unique way. What pressures exist within them and what challenges they face. It would come as no surprise to many families that there are some consistent daily struggles which always seem to stem from the same routine factors. Lack of time, lack of energy, lack of inspiration. Basic translation: ‘I’m too bloody tired’, ‘I seriously don’t care’, ‘I’m getting takeaway’ or ‘make yourself a toasted sandwich’. I get it, that’s me too from time to time, because like all of us, I’m human (and that’s coming from someone who loves to cook)!? 

The problem is, that over time, we just get way to bogged down in the daily grind and we forget about not only the importance of creating a healthy kitchen table in our homes, but the happiness it brings.

Over the past ten years I have explored a few business ideas. My Beach Kitchen has historically produced homewares and eco products, and I tried my hand at writing a heart-filled food blog for a while too. My main focus has been raising my little ones and working alongside my husband in our sourcing and souvenirs business. Now my three babies are all at school I am taking the opportunity to seriously pursue my biggest love, cooking.

My hope is that I can help people in my local community bring their kitchen tables back to life.

I understand cooking isn’t something everyone enjoys, or they do enjoy but simply don’t have the time to consistently be creative. My hope is that people can enjoy a healthy and nutritious meal together, at their table, with the people they love by taking the hard work out of it for you, so you can enjoy the benefits.


When we make time to prepare our meals from scratch, we have more control over what ingredients we use and avoid eating highly processed, refined foods.  Eating healthy is about more than just quality foods and getting an adequate amount of nutrients; it is about taking time to enjoy the moment, enjoy the meal and spend more time with the people we love and the friends who enrich our lives.