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Valentines Day

Kelly Lowdon

Valentines Day, it can be a day of mixed emotions for many.  Some of us love it, some of us hate it, to some of us it's lonely and if your like my husband, it's just a day for people to make money!  Well in a world where we are constantly surrounded by news that reports and reminds us of all that's going wrong, I can't help but think at least Valentines Day is a day to celebrate love.  I mean really, a whole day dedicated to telling the people in our lives that we love them, I could think of lots of things worse then that!

So if your like me and like to pretty much celebrate everything with food, then here are a few of my Valentines Day food picks.

I don't think anything says love more then a roast.  And lets face it, it's quick and easy and pretty hard to stuff up.  Top of the evening with a delicious dessert and your good to go.  And if all fails, book a nice restaurant, buy some flowers or share a lovely bottle of wine.  There is nothing wrong with putting together a sharing plate for two and it will look even better served on a My Beach Kitchen Enamel Serving Platter.

So Happy Valentines Day everyone, be sure to share and spread the love.