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Valentine's Day...the best kind of excuse for the best kind of food

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Valentine's Day...the best kind of excuse for the best kind of food

Kelly Lowdon

We love Valentine’s Day at My Beach Kitchen, but not in the limp flowers and Hallmark card kind of way. We love it because it gives us a chance to get together with friends and family and tell them how much we love them in the best way possible….through their stomachs! Here are 3 of our favourite recipes get the love going this Sunday. This little combo would make for a great backyard picnic.

Haloumi and Asparagus Skewers are the perfect summertime treat. The crunch of fresh asparagus mixed with the salty goodness of Haloumi will have everyone puckering up for some more. 

The French know a lot about love and they know even more about food. Moules Mariniere is gob-smackingly good, ridiculously easy and a perfect messy lunchtime meal. Wipe up the left-over sauce with some freshly baked bread and add a gorgeous Pinot Gris to the mix for heartbreakingly good main. 


Ahhhh….dessert. Nothing gets the eyes twinkling and the heart pounding like a Summer Semifreddo with its deliciously mousse like texture offset by the tartness of passionfruit. This little bit of Valentine’s Day perfection will have everyone thinking they got lucky! 

What are your favourite recipes for sharing with your friends and family on Valentine's Day? Whatever they are, I hope they're filled with love.

Kel xx