For many of us, the Spring Racing Carnival is a time to dress up and let your hair down.  What a great day the Melbourne Cup is, the race that stops the nation, with celebrations happening everywhere across our great country.  For many of you these celebrations went on all week and may still be going?  And if you're like me and perhaps overindulged just a little, then it always feels good to get back on track with a week of clean healthy eating.   I am also partial to a little hot Pilates, so I will be taking advantage of its detoxing power this week.

So start your week off with a little exercise and my recovery breakfast of All Day Miga's.  This Mexican inspired breakfast or brunch will leave you feeling healthy and energised.  And try swapping your champagne glass for an enamel tumbler filled with Kombucha.  Yes that's right - I, like many others, have succumbed to the allure of what this fermented drink promises to offer. 'Love your guts' I think is the slogan on the particular brand I buy.  And I have to say that I always feel a bit better after a hit of this surprisingly tasty drink.  But don't expect to see any recipes for making your own Kombucha start appearing from me.  One look at the slimy Scoby thing, the growth used in the fermentation process and I was like, 'there is no place for that in 'My Beach Kitchen.'  So purely to prevent poisoning myself or anyone else, I will not be taking part in this weird science experiment.   I am instead happy to pay the fairly high price point for someone else to do the hard work.

So get back on track this week with a little exercise, fresh air, good food and maybe some Kombucha?


Kelly LowdonComment