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Beach inspired enamelware, kitchenware and recipes for bringing food to life.

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Kelly Lowdon

When it comes to preparing, cooking and serving food, don't just think about the ingredients you're using, also think about your cooking and serving ware.  Recent health concerns about the safety of non-stick coatings on cookware and the amount of plastics we use in everyday life have lead me to find alternatives to these.

Cast iron pans coated in enamel offer an extremely safe and non-toxic form of cooking.  Cooking utensils will not scratch the surface and therefore do not interact with your food.  Enamel baking ware is extremely non-toxic, unlike non-stick coated bakeware that has the potential to release toxic emissions into your food when heated to high temperatures and can easy be scratched off.

I recently did away with all my plastic plates and cups that my children and their friends use and now only use enamel.  Think about how much plastic they are really consuming when they are happily cutting away into their plastic plates then popping the food into their mouths.  What toxins are they really consuming when drinking from plastic cups?

Whether it's cast iron enamel cookware, enamelbake ware, enamel plates, bowls, cups or platters, one thing is for sure, it's by far the healthiest and safest option for food preparation and serving. Not only is it  extremely durable, holds heat very well and is very energy efficient, it always looks classic and timeless.  Check out our range of stunning platters, plates and cups at My Beach Kitchen.

So next time you need some new pots or pans, plates or cups, think enamel, it might just be the healthiest choice you will ever make.