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Beach inspired enamelware, kitchenware and recipes for bringing food to life.

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Kelly Lowdon

It seems that Halloween in Australia is slowly but surely becoming a bit more of an event, compared to America where it has long been a national celebration! I can't help but think that many Australian's out there are embracing this day as a great excuse to throw a party, after all, that's what we do best!  So once you parents have finished running around your local neighbourhood with the kids, or manning your front door with tooth decay, then get your own party started!  

Every good party needs a good party starter, and we have just the tipple! My Green Apple Martini or KRYPTONITE as it should be called on Halloween (thanks Nigella), is just the thing. But be warned, it packs a punch and is highly addictive.

Pair these drinks with some delicious canape's and you have a match made in heaven. As the evening progresses and you need a hit of sweet, impress all your ghouley guests with my Death Pots (otherwise known as my Step Dad's famous chocolate mousse) topped with finely ground Oreo's and the all important tomb stone, (a very fancy short bread biscuit with black icing writing). 

So with a little preparation and a great costume, you can turn Halloween into an annual event.  And if throwing parties is your thing, check out my beautiful range of enamel plates, platters and serving boards, perfect for all occasions, not just the creepy, crawly ones.

And for great recipes to keep you entertaining all year round check out my website My Beach Kitchen.

Happy Halloween. XX