This is just a really fun idea for summer entertaining or a kids party.   It involves scooping out the flesh of a whole watermelon (keep the flesh for another recipe) and replacing it with layers of ice cream.  When filling up your watermelon, try and use opposing colors, so you achieve a good contrast when you cut it open.  And whatever you do don't leave it in the freezer for to long!   I left my watermelon in the freezer all night and it was frozen solid.  So much so  that I had to use my husbands hacksaw to cut it open.  I looked like some crazy lady sawing into this beast like I was not going to be defeated by a watermelon!  My husband asked me several times, hun can I do that for you...no, no I can do it, while sweat was dripping of my forehead!  So please, one hour freezing time only!  And as for that watermellon, no body puts baby in the corner!


1 small seedless watermelon

3 mixed types of ice-cream or sorbet (try and choose a variation in colours)


Cut watermelon in half.  Empty out flesh of melon, scraping down to the white rind as much as possible.
Place the first layer of ice-cream or sorbet in the base of the melon and, using an offset spatula, smooth to evenness.
Repeat step 2 with the remaining flavors of ice-cream.
Chill for an hour or two depending on your freezer?  Remove from freezer, slice and serve.

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